Nourish traditions are so important to the health of children.

Many children have no clue how to wash their hands, wash their clothes or even wash their dishes.

But, a healthy child can help them with their hygiene and cleanliness and they can also help the planet by helping their bodies.

The benefits of nourishing a child are many and include better health and vitality, improved digestion, improved sleep, more energy, healthier skin, less chronic disease, more happiness and more joy in life.

The following nourishing recipes are full of nutritious ingredients and can be enjoyed with or without your children.

What is nourishing?

The nourishing ingredients of the food is what you can add to your child’s bowl.

It is also important to add the flavours of your choice.

So, make sure you choose the ingredients that will help your child to feel good.

Here are some of the ingredients you can use to help your little one feel nourished and to help them enjoy eating: Nutritional yeast