1 / 3 Mario Balotelli looks to get his first goal for Italy.

“We need the ball in the box to go in.

This is a good thing.”

Balotelli scored his first hat-trick for Italy against England and it was his third in the last four games.

He has scored 15 goals in four Serie A matches this season.

The 27-year-old has been one of Italy’s top scorers in Serie A, scoring 26 goals in the previous five seasons.

“The ball has to go into the box,” he told reporters after the match.

“It has to be in front of the keeper.

The keeper has to make a decision, but if he wants to, the goalkeeper can make a choice to go inside or outside.”

Balotaelli has scored twice against Italy and has scored two more in his last two matches.

“If he misses the ball, it’s a mistake, and that’s it,” said coach Alessandro Del Piero.

“He has a lot of experience, he’s scored a lot in the league, he can score in every match.”

Del Piero had previously stated that his team needed to get the ball into the area, and he wanted to see it in the area.

“There are some gaps between the lines, so we need to make the final decision, whether to go through it or not,” he said.

“I don’t know if it’s my decision or not, but the ball has been there all game, we’ve had it for a long time.

It’s always been there.”

The last time Italy went into the game with such a depleted squad, Italy won the tournament and qualified for next summer’s World Cup in Russia.

“This is not a team with the same kind of depth, but we’ve got a good team with lots of experience,” Del Pierio said.

“I’m pleased that we’ve come back from the last World Cup and I’m sure we’ll be ready for the next one.”