As we celebrate the start of the festive season, here are 10 easy tips to make the most of your food and drink while also feeling nourished and healthy.


Choose foods that are high in protein and low in calories.

A big part of the Thanksgiving festivities is getting the most bang for your buck.

Try this trick: Make a big batch of turkey and let it sit in the fridge for at least 24 hours before eating.

It should be about two hours before you want to eat it.

If you can’t get it there, make sure it’s still warm enough for you to enjoy the flavors.


Get a blender.

Blenders are great for making the most flavorful dishes.

You can also add vegetables, herbs and spices to your blender.


Put your favorite holiday foods on your to-do list.

Check out these recipes to make your Thanksgiving dinner.


Eat a nutritious meal with all your favorite foods.

You could even opt for a quick protein shake or salad to add a boost of nutrition to your Thanksgiving feast.


Watch out for gluten.

Some of the foods that can cause trouble with gluten are dairy and nuts.

But it’s a good idea to try them and find out if they’re safe to eat.


Be mindful of allergies.

If it’s an allergy, it’s best to get tested before buying a turkey or other food item.


Get more than one turkey.

Try buying more than just one turkey and cooking it together to make a smaller portion of each one.


Make a special meal for your friends.

Add turkey to your favorite Thanksgiving dinner and share it with your family.


Make an omelet.

Add a handful of chopped nuts to your omelette and enjoy.


Have fun with food!

Be creative and eat the most delicious foods that you can!