Mayo Clinic and the Mayo Clinic Health System are partnering on a new eye care initiative to encourage healthy skin.

The Mayo Clinic Foundation for the Blind is spearheading the campaign to help educate patients about the importance of eye care.

The Eye Health Alliance is developing a web-based video content campaign to share important information about the benefits of eye health.

Mayo Clinic is also working with the Mayo Foundation for Children to create a visual learning tool that highlights how to use eye drops and eye care products in a safe and effective manner.

The Eye Health alliance is a nonprofit organization of more than 50,000 people that supports and promotes healthy skin by developing innovative educational materials for individuals and families.

The campaign will help educate people on the benefits and benefits of using eye care for their eyes, the Mayo Institute of Medicine says.

The campaign will include an educational video and educational materials and will include content related to how to best use eye care including tips on using eye drops, applying eye cream, and using eye wash.

The video and materials will also be used to promote eye health awareness and the Eye Health Foundation for Child is partnering with the foundation to promote the campaign through a web site and social media platforms.

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The foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.