Nutritionist and founder of Nourishing Traditions, Dr. John McNeil, has put together a comprehensive guide to what foods are best for your body.

The guide, which is available online for free, includes over 1,000 nutrient information pages.

“Nourishing foods are what we eat every day,” Dr. McNeil told

“So it’s the food that we feed ourselves.”

Dr. McNeill said it was important to consider the nutritional value of foods.

“A lot of the things that are eaten in the US, like cheese and eggs, are high in calories,” he said.

“But what is important for us is the quality of the food, so if you are looking for a protein, you would be looking for something with a high protein content.”

He said the quality and consistency of foods could also have an impact on the health of your body, with different types of foods having different levels of nutrition content.

Dr. Mark Boulton, a nutritionist and professor at the University of Queensland, said there was a lot of research on what foods were best for different types and age groups.

“I would say that the best food to eat is one that you feel is a healthy part of your diet, one that has all the nutrients that are needed for a healthy life,” Dr Boulson said.

He said there were a lot more research papers out there on food sources for different groups of people.

“You can’t just say ‘well I’m a vegan’ or ‘I’m a vegetarian’,” he said, referring to the diets popular with some vegans.

Dr Boulston said it wasn’t just a matter of choosing one particular type of food.””

We don’t really need to eat the most healthy, but the ones that are most beneficial for us.”

Dr Boulston said it wasn’t just a matter of choosing one particular type of food.

“The food choices we make today are really about who we are, what we want, and what we are willing to put in our bodies,” he added.

“And it’s a balancing act of what’s important to us versus what’s just in our genes.”

Nourish News’ nutrition editor, Rebecca McEwen, said the guide was an important step forward for nutritionists.

“It’s an important tool for nutritionist to use and provide nutrition information,” she said.

The online guide, available at the National Health and Medical Research Council’s website, is a resource to help people identify their nutritional needs and then help them find the healthiest foods to eat.

“If you want to know more about nutrition, I think it’s always important to take the time to really look at all the different kinds of foods that you eat,” Dr McEwing said.

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