A hot day and a shower can leave a sticky residue that can become a source of pollution in your home, say health experts.

Here are some ways to clean your face and hands after a day in the sun.

For more tips on how to prepare your skin, see our article: Clean your face, hands and hair after a cold or hot day.1.

Rinse with water and dry face with a soft towel.

This step removes any dirt or oil that has accumulated on your skin.2.

Rinze with a mild shampoo, but leave it on for 10 seconds.3.

Apply a mild conditioner on your hands.

This cleanses the area, and the hair should feel dry.4.

Apply moisturizer or a light face cream.

This will help to soften your skin and help your hair feel soft.5.

Use a hand sanitizer to remove any residue.

This step cleanses your hands and hands.6.

Using a mild facial cleanser, apply a generous amount to your face.7.

Use facial wipes to remove excess makeup.8.

Rin the area once or twice a day for 20 minutes.9.

After using a moisturizer, wipe off with a dry cloth or sponge.

This is the best time to use a facial mask.

It is very gentle, and will not leave residue on your face or hands.10.

Apply an eye cream to your eyelids to help clear the smudge from your eyes.11.

Use eye drops or an eye shadow to add color and texture to your eye makeup.

This can help make your eyes more natural.12.

Apply some face mask or moisturizer to your nose and lips.

Use this to seal in any makeup you may have left.13.

Apply eye cream, lip balm, or a moisturizing facial cream to the inside of your mouth and cheeks.

This can help keep the moisture in your skin from evaporating and clogging up pores.14.

Use an eye mask or a face mask to cover your eyes or nose.

This is a great way to keep any makeup from leaving your eyes and nose clean.15.

Use lip balms or a facial moisturizer in place of an eye serum.

This should help prevent clogging your pores.16.

Apply mascara to your lashes to prevent the buildup of clogged lashes.17.

Use eyeliner or eyelash curlers to make your lashes look thicker and longer.18.

Apply eyeliner, eyelash creams, or mascara to the edges of your eyelashes to add definition.19.

Apply eyebrow pencils to your brow bone to add more definition and color.

This helps to prevent clogged, red eyes.20.

Apply lipsticks to your lips to add a touch of color and volume.

This helps to avoid clogged pores.21.

Apply hair dye to your hair to add shine and define your hair.22.

Apply hairspray to your scalp to make the hair appear more natural and natural looking.23.

Apply makeup to your skin to enhance your complexion.24.

Apply blush to your cheeks and eyes to add sparkle and color to your eyes to bring out your personality.25.

Apply eyeshadow to your lash line to give your lashes a natural look.

This also helps to give them more volume and definition.26.

Apply lipstick to your lip to add dimension and color, and to add interest to your look.27.

Apply powder eyeliner to your outer corner of your eyes, and apply mascara or powder to your inner corner.28.

Apply bronzer to your eyebrows to add volume and color and to give a dramatic effect to your profile.29.

Apply concealer to your forehead to add depth and definition to your appearance.30.

Apply contouring products to your cheekbones to enhance the shape and color of your face to add extra definition.31.

Apply primer to your foundation to give it a matte finish.

This allows your makeup to blend into your skin better.32.

Apply brow pencils or eyebrow tools to the outer corner and lower lash line.33.

Apply liquid eyeliner on the inner corners of your eye lashes to create a subtle line around the lash line and the bridge of your nose.34.

Apply creams and/or moisturizers to your upper eyelids and the outer corners of eyelashes, brows, and brow crease.35.

Apply foundation to your temples to create an illusion of a fuller face.

This makes your skin appear fuller.36.

Apply the eyeshadows in a circular motion, starting from the inner corner of the eye.37.

Apply highlighter to the inner edges of the eyes, brow bone, and cheek bones.38.

Apply gloss to the lower lash lines, brow creases, and outer corners.39.

Apply matte finish to the brow bones, eyelashes and eyebrows.40.

Apply tinted moisturizer and lip balMakes your skin look more lumin