New recipes for nougat, macadamia nuts and coconut milk are on the menus of a range of New South Wales restaurants in what’s described as “the most comprehensive food preparation in Australia” by the NSW Department of Agriculture and Food.

The new menu is designed to complement and supplement the existing food offerings in restaurants across the state, including in the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

“This is a very unique menu with a focus on food quality and value for money,” NSW Department Of Agriculture and Forestry food and agri-food manager Ben Williams said.

“It includes a number of innovative, affordable options for people who are on low incomes and who are looking for healthy, locally sourced food.”

The list includes: Nougat soup and salad with avocado, avocado, lime, garlic and cucumber for $13.99 Nougas and other nougats with a peanut butter and jelly spread, a lemon, and mint for $12.99 Macadamia nut macadamias with banana and mango for $14.99 Coconut milk and macadammos for $16.99 A new ‘Nourishing Storm’ menu is also on the cards for a range in the Sydney CBD.

Nougats, macarons and mocha cakes with peanut butter, strawberry jam and coconut for $9.99 Apple and chocolate mochas with strawberry jam, vanilla cream and coconut and a vanilla bean cupcake for $11.99 ‘Nougat’ mochayas with peanut-butter jelly for $15.99 Freshly-baked nougas with lemon jam, maple syrup and coconut cream for $10.99 Banana and mango mochais with peanut and peanut butter jelly for just $11 A range of vegan and gluten-free dishes are also on offer in the NSW restaurants.

These include coconut-coconut and avocado-macadamia butter macadamas, avocado-pineapple jam and avocado muffins for $8.99, and chocolate and almond mochamias for $5.99.

Nourishing storm menu The new Nourish Storm menu features a range on the shelves including: Coconut milk macadama for $6.99 Strawberry jam macadamacaras for $7.99 Chocolate macadams for $4.99 Peanut butter and strawberry jam macamadas for $3.99 Avocado-macamamia butter mochamanas for free Nourishes have been coming out on the main menus in the ACT, the Northern Territory and Western Australia for the past three months.

“These are the most comprehensive menus available in Australia, we’re really pleased to have the opportunity to offer these innovative, locally-sourced options,” Mr Williams said, adding that the NSW menu would not be a “foodie” menu but “an opportunity for people to enjoy food”.

The menu was developed by chef Daniela Cappello, with input from the New South Welsh Chef Association and the NSW Food Council.

Mr Williams says the NSW menus are based on “best practice” and the menu will be rolled out to all the restaurants across NSW.

“We’re really proud to have a wide range of food on offer across the board that’s available for everyone to enjoy,” he said.

A NSW Department spokesperson said the menus would be available at every NSW restaurant on the new list, as well as restaurants in the states of Tasmania and Queensland.

“The NSW Department is delighted to have partnered with the NSW Government and the Australian Food and Agriculture Union to create the NSW Nourished Storm food plan and this menu will allow people to discover and enjoy their favourite foods on a national level,” the spokesperson said.