A new language to teach English, called English Nouns, has been created by Oxford University in Australia, the university announced.

The project is part of a wider project called English in Transition, which aims to make English easier to understand and more natural for people from around the world.

A university spokesperson said the project was created in collaboration with the National Council for Australian English.

“The aim is to help English speakers who have never heard the language learn English in a way that is easier to read and understand,” the spokesperson said.

It was designed to be a first step in a process that would eventually include English grammar books, a dictionary, a website and online courses.

An English NOUN is a noun or pronoun that has two meanings: to say something, or to refer to something.

This is not the first time the language has been in the spotlight, with the UK recently introducing a language, dubbed English, for use in schools.

At the time of writing, English NOUNS were not available to students.

However, the project has attracted the attention of other governments around the globe, including the US, where the National Commission on English Language and Literature said English NUNs could be “profoundly valuable” for students.