By Tessa Geller, AP WriterThe best thing about living in a small town like Belmont, Calif., is that there’s a spa, but when the spa is full, the best thing you can do is watch TV and relax.

In fact, you can find a spa in every neighborhood in Belmont.

The Spa for Comfort at Belmont’s Belmont Country Club is a family-run facility that has been around for generations.

The Spa for Luxury at Belfort, a spa that specializes in relaxing, has a full-service spa with a full kitchen, sauna, and fitness center.

Belmont has been in the spotlight recently for the recent spate of sexual harassment scandals, including the alleged groping of women in a strip club, the alleged rape of a woman in a nightclub and the alleged assault of a young woman at a strip bar.

Belfort residents are hoping that the Belmont spa can change the culture and make a positive difference in their community.

“The spa is a really, really nice place,” said Belmont resident Maryanne Kowalczyk, who has been working with Belfort for about three years.

It started with the owners of the spa, who opened it in 1956. “

If they can relax a little, it can make a difference.”

It started with the owners of the spa, who opened it in 1956.

“A lot of times, people who come to the spa will just come here for a little rest and a break from their day-to-day life, and that’s the kind of spa we’re trying to change,” said Dr. James M. Smith, who also owns the spa.

“They come here to feel better and a bit calmer, and it can really change your outlook on life.

It makes a difference to feel more connected to others and have a more positive outlook.”

Smith said the Spa for Relaxation has been operating since 1958 and is now in its 70th year.

It is the only spa in Belfort that is a full service facility with a sauna and fitness centre.

Belford is a small city in Southern California, about 90 miles (145 kilometers) west of San Francisco.

The spa has become a haven in Belcountys town, where the town is nicknamed Belmont Spa because of its proximity to the famous Belmont Hills resort.

“People in Belfield are really proud of Belmont,” said Kowallczyk.

“I think it’s a place where people can really enjoy their time and have their day to day lives.

People don’t think twice about going to the Spa because it’s such a safe, private place.”

In the past decade, Belfort has seen a huge increase in sexual harassment complaints, including an incident in which a young man was sexually assaulted in the middle of a strip strip bar in Belfercrest, an upscale area of Belfort.

Belferdians rallied around the man and were able to bring charges against a woman who allegedly grabbed the man by the throat.

The charges were dropped when the woman’s lawyer was able to present evidence that the alleged victim, who is a woman, was not the aggressor.

The case prompted the Belfort city council to pass a resolution in 2009 urging the city to do more to protect women from sexual harassment.

The resolution was backed by the city’s police department and the local chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union.

“Belfort is doing a great job,” said Smith.

“This is the first case that we’ve heard of that’s resulted in the criminal prosecution.”

Smith is the founder and chief executive officer of the Belford Foundation, a nonprofit that supports the community and provides financial support for the Spa.

Belfreet Spa in Belford, Calif.

is a community spa.

(AP Photo/Tessa Gellert)The Spa of Comfort at the Belfords Spa is located in a nondescript home at 531 East Belferfrest, in Belville, which is about 30 miles (50 kilometers) east of Belville.

The spa is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

“We do what we do because we believe in it,” Smith said.

“Every day is a great day.

There are some nights where we’re out and about, but other nights we’re at home with our families and relax.”

Belfort resident Kowalski is the chair of the town’s health committee.

She is also the chief medical officer of Belfrest’s police force.

She said the city has not had any sexual harassment allegations for many years.

“I’m glad that the police are doing a good job,” she said.

Kowaloski said she has been very impressed with the Spa of Relaxation,