Pet insurance provider Lyft is launching a ‘Pet to Pets’ service that will offer pet owners access to insurance policies for their pets.

Pet insurance firm Petplan is already offering pet insurance coverage for pets, and the new Lyft-owned service will offer insurance coverage to pets as well.

Lyft PetPlan is currently offering coverage to dogs and cats on their policy for up to $25,000 a year, with pets receiving up to 100% coverage on their premiums.

Petplan said the new ‘Petto Pets’ plan will also cover pets in the event of an emergency and will offer coverage for up a minimum of $1,500 for pets that require treatment, or $2,000 for pets of any age.

Lyfthop is also offering ‘Pet-to Pets’, which will cover pets up to 10kg and is designed for pets up 5kg or younger.

The service will be available in Australia and New Zealand from next month.

Lyfts CEO Justin O’Brien said Petplan was a great partner and we were delighted to have Petplan on board.

“Lyft is the most trusted pet insurer in Australia, so we know what their pet policies cover and we’ve made it simple to get the best insurance coverage available.”

Our Petto Pets policy is available in all 50 states and will help us offer the best pet insurance possible for all our customers.

“Pet plan will cover the full cost of a pet, but can cover pet care expenses as well as pet accident, injury, and veterinary care.

Lyts Petplan Pet insurance policy covers up to five pet care visits, or up to one pet care claim per year.

Petcare policy will cover up to a maximum of $500 per claim.

LyFT Petplan, which will become available from December 6, will provide Petcare coverage for dogs and other small pets.

The Petto Pet plan will be free for customers who are enrolled in Petplan’s Petcare policy, or for customers in a Petplan policy who are registered on Lyft.

Lyffs Petto pet insurance policy will be $50 a year for up-to 10kg, or free for up – to $2.5k of Petcare claims.

Petto Petplan has also partnered with the National Dog Rescue and Support Network (NDRSN) and the Australian Dog Training Network to offer its Petto policy as part of its Petcare program.

LyFthop Petto pets will be covered by Petplan until 2020, with a full pet insurance payout until 2020.

Lyford Petto plan will cost $50.

Pet plans can be added on to an existing pet insurance plan, or by paying a monthly premium for the first year.

Lyfax is offering a Pet to Pets plan, and it is currently the only pet insurance provider offering pet policies for cats.

Lyestop, which is owned by Yahoo, has a Petto to Pets service for dogs, cats and rabbits.

Lyferpet Petto and Pets to Pets are available from September.

Lygflop is a pet insurance partner of the ABC.