Posted January 06, 2019 08:09:00 This week, Polygon is excited to introduce you to the first year in Maine, the year of Donald Trump’s presidency.

From the moment President Donald Trump was inaugurated, Polyglot and Polygon readers have been able to discover places where they can go to experience the vibrancy and excitement of the new era.

This year’s list of places was compiled by a panel of experts from Polyglots and Polygamists who spoke with Polygon about the most important things to know about the Trump presidency.

First and foremost, we’re excited to announce that we are the first Polygon to officially announce our 2016-2017 full-time staff.

This is a huge accomplishment for us as a company, and we’re proud of our team’s work.

We’ve added new staff in each of the past two years, including our new Head of Public Relations, Katie Mettler, and our new Vice President of Digital, Ben Jonson.

Our 2016 staff included two former President Barack Obama appointees, Stephanie Miller and Mark Gertner, and a number of people who worked at Polygon as interns or freelance writers.

We also brought on a number new writers and interns who have previously worked at us and have been working on our projects as we continue to grow.

Polygon has a team of over 40 full-timers who are dedicated to bringing you all the news and information that we can, from breaking news to breaking articles and other topics that you will find on our website.

We’re always listening to our community of users and are always open to your suggestions and ideas about how to make Polygloton’s news site even better.

To learn more about our 2016 staff and the projects that we’re working on, visit Polygon’s full-year staff page.

If you’d like to learn more, check out our full staff page and our full-day jobs page.

For our full coverage of the first half of the year, visit the Polygon 2016-17 coverage page.

Our full staff list includes: The Washington Post Washington Bureau Chief Mike Giglio, Executive Editor Ben Jolson, Editorial Director Mark Gelles, Senior Editor Joe Weisberg, and Senior Producer Matt Jaffe.

Washington Post Writers’ Bureau Chief Kate Harding, Chief Digital Correspondent Chris Anderson, and Digital Producer Laura J. Martin.

The Associated Press Washington Bureau chief Scott Wilson, Senior Writer Jennifer De Pinto, Senior Producer Amanda Krumholz, and Producer Kelly Gentry.

The New York Times Washington Bureau director, James Lewis, and Associate Producer Stephanie Boudreau.

The AP Washington Bureau bureau chief, Michael K. Sullivan, Senior Writers Amanda B. Krumholm and Jennifer C. Anderson.

The Washington Times Political Director, Scott Wilson and Executive Editor Andrew Feinberg.

The Wall Street Journal Washington bureau chief David G. Shulman, Senior Reporter Julie Tate, Senior Researcher Michael R. Gordon, Senior Analyst Ben White, Senior Executive Producer David R. Miller, Senior Managing Editor David L. Kohn, and Managing Editor Eric Deutsch.

The Daily Beast Washington bureau director, Sarah Binder, Senior Contributing Writer Sarah Seidler, Senior Correspondent Amanda G. Smith, Senior Investigative Reporter Matt B. Loeffler, senior editor Andrew J. Kieffer, and managing editor Eric D. Schmitt.

The Atlantic Bureau chief, Matt Bump, and executive editor Scott D. B. Myers.

Polygloto’s full staff: Michael E. Williams, Senior Staff Writer; Ben J. White, Director of Public Policy; Amanda C. Kromhout, Senior Editorial Analyst; Jennifer M. Kremers, Senior Associate Editor; Kate Harding (Senior Policy Analyst), Senior Correspondents/Producers/Senior Correspondents (MCTs); Ben Jenson, Senior Policy Analyst; Andrew M. Jenson (Policy Advisor); Kate M. Mettlers, Senior Public Affairs Writer; Stephanie M. Miller (Policy Analyst); Stephanie G. Miller and Ben J.-B.

Myers (Senior Correspondent); Michael G. Jonsson, Senior Communications Correspondent; and Matt J. Jonson, Senior Reporting Assistant.