The film was released on May 12 and has already become the hottest property on Netflix.

It has a total of $8.4 million at the US box office and a domestic total of nearly $16 million.

But it has a much bigger fan base, which includes movie fans from across the globe.

In fact, it has more than a million Twitter followers, including those from many of the country’s major news outlets.

And many of those are now tweeting the film’s trailer.

Here are some of their reactions:I saw ‘Nur’ last night and it is absolutely stunning!

So inspiring, so funny, so smart!

— Jaimie Brown (@jaimiebrown) May 13, 2018The film’s first trailer is also making the rounds.

Its description reads: ‘Nurturing the world with a smile.’

The trailer also features a short clip of Nurturing Life.