In an exclusive interview with MTV News, Father Michael Sturgess, the author of The World of the Mind, discusses his own experiences as a child and the emotional impact of the modern world.

In the course of an hour-long conversation, Father Sturgesses shared his experiences as an emotionally fragile child growing up in the United Kingdom and the role religion played in shaping his life.

Father Sturdesses first became aware of the importance of religion as a young child.

In his early 20s, he and his family relocated to the US.

He remembers how much he wanted to be a Christian.

“I felt very, very isolated from my own people.

I was very angry with people, I was frustrated and I was depressed.

I wasn’t doing well in school.

My mother was a very, really bad teacher.

I had a very good mother, and that was it.”

In the United States, the focus on individualism and self-reliance led to a deep distrust of authority figures.

“At a very young age, I started to believe that you could do anything you wanted to, as long as it didn’t interfere with your own life,” he explains.

“And I just felt so guilty.

I started doing stupid things.

I didn’t go to school because I thought that if I did, I would be good.

I just thought I would get into a place where I would not be judged or treated differently.”

Father Stravgs first experience of Christianity led him to take on a mission to help others.

His experiences in the Church have left him a believer in the Bible.

He is a Catholic, but not a convert.

He was raised Catholic, and he believes the Church is the only religion that offers a true solution to the problems facing the world today.

“When I was about seven or eight years old, my mother died, so I got into my mother’s room and my father went into his room.

And then, it was like the church door closed on him.

He could no longer go into the church because of her death, so he left.”

Father Martin Sturges was baptized at the age of six.

He grew up in a family of Baptists and became an Episcopalian at the ripe old age of 26.

“We were always very, extremely proud of our Baptists,” he says.

“They were very good and very faithful.

They were very strong and very powerful, very disciplined.”

Father Robert Sturgs was a Jesuit Priest, a lay leader and a lay preacher before he became a Catholic priest.

Father Robert also became a father.

When he retired from the priesthood at the tender age of 45, he took his own life at age 42.

Father Martin’s death has left his wife, Anne, and their children with profound grief.

The couple decided to create The World Of The Mind, a children’s book based on their experiences.

“My wife and I are very, quite religious people, and we feel we need to do something that we are going to share,” Father Strahg says.

Father Thomas Sturgis, the founder of The Church Of Scientology, is a devout Catholic and believes that the Church can help humanity in many ways.

“It can be the source of strength, of hope, of love, of compassion, of understanding,” he said during an interview with The Sunday Times.

“The Church can be a force for good in society, a force of good in the world, and so on.”

The Church has not been shy about challenging people to do what they believe in.

Father John Sturgys was the first to break away from the Catholic Church in the 1970s, leaving his family behind.

After leaving his first job as a plumber in the US, he founded his own church in 1987.

Father Tom was a Catholic in his youth and had the most positive experience of his life as a Catholic.

“As a kid, I remember when I first became Catholic and I went to Mass.

And I saw all these young men and women in their pajamas and bathing suits and all that,” he remembers.

“That was the beginning of my lifelong love for the Church.”

Father John was ordained in 1993 and became a priest at the St. Mary’s Cathedral in Northampton, Massachusetts.

In 2003, he became the first man to be ordained in the Anglican Church.

Father Anthony is the second person to become a priest in the Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox churches.

Father James was ordained as a priest as a teenager.

“Father James was a good man,” Father Thomas says.

The Church is not afraid to challenge its believers.

Father Francis was ordained a priest by Pope Francis in 2005.

In 2007, he was appointed a priest of the Holy Sepulchre, the tomb where Jesus was crucified.

Father Michael became a bishop at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in San Francisco in the early 2000s. In