New York-based chef and restaurateur John W. Wojcik has been the subject of many a viral tweet, but this one might be his best yet.

In a new Instagram post, Wojciechowski explains that he has started eating a new kind of cheese for his food, dubbed Nourish Philadelphia.

His post includes a photo of the dish, which is a mix of a slice of bacon and a slice or two of Parmesan cheese, topped with a slice-and-dice of fresh baby spinach.

“It’s a way to make cheese that’s not only a comfort food, but also a way of taking a little bit of everything that’s delicious and adding it to something really fresh and interesting,” he explains.

“It’s the most natural thing I’ve ever made,” he says.

“This is all natural, no processed ingredients.

It’s a really delicious cheese.”

Nourish Philly is a slice, two-pound slice of fresh bacon, Parmesan and fresh baby lettuce, topped by a slice and dice of fresh spinach.

The dish comes in a $12.95 special order.

Wojcieski says the cheese is made with no added preservatives, salt or preservatives.

He adds that the cheese has been made in a variety of ways, including from scratch, but he says the main ingredient has been fresh spinach and a few other herbs and spices.

The dish was inspired by a recipe for the cheesesteak he had made years ago.

It was a bit too salty for me, he says, so I replaced it with a little more fresh spinach, some baby spinach, and some herbs and a bit of garlic.

It took some time to get right, but it was a delicious combination of flavors and a great way to spend a few minutes.

“Wojcikski says he thinks the cheese will be on his radar as a foodie destination and that he wants to open more restaurants in the area.

“I hope to be opening some of these restaurants in other parts of the country.””

My goal with these is to get as many people as possible to try it,” he tells Eater.

“I hope to be opening some of these restaurants in other parts of the country.”