article A new study by researchers at Harvard and Yale shows that cooking and roasting your own ingredients can help you make more effective oils.

They found that using dried herbs and spices and roasts them at a high temperature (usually 300 degrees F) for 10 to 15 minutes resulted in a more potent version of the same oil than the standard cooking method, which requires the cook to cook at a higher temperature.

“Cooking with herbs, spices, and roast meat results in a rich, nutty, and flavorful oil,” the researchers write in their paper, published in the journal Nature Communications.

“However, the cooking method requires cooking at a lower temperature (typically 400 degrees F), which results in an unstable, inconsistent oil that can be hard to separate.”

For instance, the researchers found that dry herbs used in their study, like rosemary, rosemary oil, and sage, tended to have higher levels of free radicals than the other ingredients.

Roasted meats were also associated with higher levels, while herbs like basil, rose, and dill were associated with lower levels of radicals.

The study did not analyze the chemicals found in the oils.

It also did not find any evidence of oxidation or other harmful compounds.

The researchers suggest that the oils could help you avoid harmful compounds, like formaldehyde and acetaldehyde, that can affect health.