A fake joe fakes a face and you can easily tell if he is one or not.

Joes is selling a face mask with an ‘eye’ for the eye and a ‘chin’ for a mouth.

The mask is also designed to look as if it is a fake as the fakes face and mouth are very similar.

The face mask is priced at €40 (£28), which is around half of what you would pay at a real one.

If you do want a real joe mask you could buy one online, but it costs about $60 (£47).

To avoid the fake joes mask, the best way to keep them off is to get rid of the real one in a few days.

“If you put the fake one away, the fake will soon come back, so you need to keep it in a safe place,” said Stefano Scarlato, from the National Institute of Consumer Technology.

He also said the fake mask has to be kept in the dark room.

In Italy, there are no regulations on the selling of fake products, and they can be bought online, even if they are not authentic. 

The fake joebes mask has a face which is almost identical to that of the one you can see in the photo above.

However, there is no way to tell the difference between the fake and real joes masks.

It could be a scam, the only way to know is to look for them, as the fake ones have to be stored in the darkness.

To check if it’s a fake, check the photo below.