The popular brand has a new curling sauce, Garnier’s Savannah.

The brand’s website is now a and the brand is listed as a partner of the Savannah-based Food & Wine magazine.

The company’s new Savannah curling salt and vinegar is based on the popular Curly’s Salt and Vinegar and is available as a salt and sugar blend and as a creamier, nutty version.

Garnier says its curling salts and vinegar have been “taken to new heights of innovation” and will be available as an ingredient in a variety of foods including sauces and desserts.

The salt and saltiness is “a key ingredient in the Savannah sauce,” said spokeswoman Stephanie Burtch.

The sauce is available in stores now.

The new curl is Garniers Savannah Curling Salt and Curl, available now at stores like Whole Foods Market, Kmart and Costco.

It is a brand-new curling spice, and its new name is “savannah curl,” said Burtcla.

“We are pleased to partner with a leading brand in this region to bring savannah curls and salt to our customers and the world,” said Karen Sorenson, president and chief executive officer of the Saville River Foundation, a charity dedicated to improving the quality of life for the people of Savannah.

“Savannah curlers are a staple in many homes and restaurants in Savannah and beyond.

We are excited to continue the legacy of Garnier and its innovative curling flavors in this area,” she said.

The Salt and Sugar flavor is available for the first time in the U.S. at Kroger, and a second batch is on its way to Whole Foods Markets.

The curl, which has a pH of 7.4 and a neutral flavor, has been available in supermarkets in the South for years, but it’s only now being made available in the States.

The flavor is a “classic” curling flavor, said Jennifer Johnson, senior vice president of marketing at Garnier, and the company says it will offer it as a “low-acid” flavor as well.

“As we introduce savannah flavors to our menu, we are confident we will continue to be a trusted and popular ingredient for curling,” said Jeff Biesecker, senior director of marketing and brand strategy for Garnier salt and curling.

“The savannah salt and the curling season are both seasonal and are very popular in Savannah.

Our savannah spices and curlings are a great complement to our curling sauces.”

The Salt & Curl flavor is not available in Georgia, but Johnson said the company plans to expand the availability to other parts of the U, including Florida, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to get savannah spice flavors into people’s kitchens,” said Johnson.

The Savannah Salt & Sugar flavor, Garniers Savannah salt, curl and spice mix, is a low-acid curling seasoning.

“To get it into our kitchens is exciting,” said Sorensen.

“But we have a lot of things to do.

We’re just getting started.”

SOURCE: New York Mag, The New York Times,, (N.Y., Aug. 10, 2018)