Nourishing festival organisers are now seeking to make sushi more affordable.

The festival is now offering a number of new recipes in an effort to reduce the cost of the meal, the Irish Independent can reveal.

“Our goal is to bring the cost down, not increase it.

That’s our goal,” said Nourish Festival director, Joanne Byrne.”

The price of a meal at the festival is going up but we want people to come in and have a taste of what we’ve got,” she said.”

People can expect to spend €150 on their meal, but at the same time they can get a lot of different flavours and textures from the food that they get.”

There’s also a really exciting new dish that is available at the event that has been developed by our chefs, called Nourishment Special.

“The Nourishes Special, a “fishy fish” which has been invented by the festival’s chefs, features smoked sashimi with prawns, cod, octopus, and sardines, plus a selection of fish dishes such as “crispy cod” and “sautéed octopus”.”

It’s a really good addition to the festival,” Ms Byrne said.

Ms Byrne said that the festival was looking to expand its menu over the next few months, with a number on offer in the coming months.”

We’ve been working with our partners to bring in a number, so we’re looking to introduce more to our repertoire over the course of the year,” she added.”

I think people will be really interested to see how they react to the new food and whether they like it or not.

“At the end of the day, what people want is a meal that’s a bit affordable, and a great quality meal.”

In February, Nouristain’s chef, James McPherson, revealed that a number in the festival had been donated to charity.

“It will be an exciting experience for the chefs who are doing it and the people who are involved in the food,” he said.

In January, the festival launched a food bank and food distribution program.

The Nourseries Special is a collaboration between the Nourists and the Foodbank of Ireland.