Australian scientists have found the dry water that many Australians use in their homes is in fact an unusual form of water that might be beneficial for health.

Key points:Researchers found that the water could be used to help treat skin conditions and prevent skin cancerThere are a number of potential health benefits from using water as a source of drinking waterResearchers also found that using dry water can reduce the amount of pollutants in itThe research is published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology.

Dr Sarah Kipps, who led the research, said the research suggested that water from the sea might be “uniquely beneficial” for skin conditions.

“It’s a bit like the natural history of water: it can be used as a drinking water source and then be turned into something that is actually useful to the skin,” she said.

“You could see in the study that it could help treat some of the conditions associated with ageing.”

If you think about skin conditions like psoriasis and rashes, they tend to be a bit more difficult to treat.

“Ms Kippss said the findings also revealed that the dryness of the water was unlikely to cause any health problems.”

There’s nothing harmful about the water; the water is fine,” she told ABC Radio.”

The thing that is potentially harmful is the chemicals that are in the water and the pollutants that are released into the water.

“In the case of water, it could be a source for bacteria, and that could cause health problems in humans.”

But the water has such a natural history, it doesn’t really need to be treated.

“Health benefits of drinking from waterAs well as being useful for treating skin conditions, the research showed that using water for drinking was a potential health benefit.”

What we found was that drinking water from sea water can have a variety of health benefits, and some of those benefits may be even more beneficial than what you would get from drinking drinking water in a regular home,” Ms Kippse said.

The researchers found that water that was not stored in the sea had an unusually low concentration of nitrates and other chemicals, which could be beneficial in treating skin issues.”

Nitrates are the biggest concern in the oceans, but we found that drinking from sea is also a good source of nitrate reduction,” she added.

The research team also found there was an increased production of nitrite, a waste product from the chemical reaction between nitrate and ammonia.”

That’s the kind of stuff that is produced when nitrates in the environment are removed, and it can lead to some health problems,” Ms Farr said.

Researchers found the water’s pH was also highly variable, with a range of levels of 7.5 to 9.5.”

This means that when it comes to water, there are different levels of the pH that you can actually find on the water,” she explained.”

We found that it’s probably a good idea to have a little bit more of it in the household than you might normally have, as it will help you to filter out the things that are not good for you.

“So, in a sense, that’s why we recommend a little more of a balanced drink when you’re having a shower, or you want to have some water after your bath.”

The research also found the amount and concentration of the pollutants in the air in Australian homes was different to what the average person would find in the ocean.

“Because of the different chemical properties of the ocean water, we did find that some of these pollutants can have some sort of effect on human health,” Dr Farr added.

“For example, a lot of these kinds of pollutants have been shown to have been associated with asthma in children.”

Dr Kipp said the water might also have a role in treating respiratory conditions.

Researchers said that the researchers had found that some pollutants that could have been released into a home’s air could be reduced or eliminated.

“Some of the contaminants that were found to be associated with the use of water in the home were associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease,” Dr Kippsi said.