By NOW it is the year 2050 and we all know that things are going to get worse before they get better.

The climate has changed, our economy is in disarray, our food supply is limited and we’re going through some really painful periods.

However, with so many new and exciting foods to eat, it’s hard to imagine a year more ripe for a comeback.

This year we’re seeing the resurgence of a classic food that has been around for decades, the humble hamburger.

There is little doubt that we’ve been eating the burger for a while.

In fact, the burger has a history of making its way into many American and European menus.

In some countries, like Britain, the recipe for a burger has been passed down for generations.

In other places, like New Zealand, it is still a family tradition.

Even the humble fried bun, or the hamburger patties, are still a classic in many European restaurants.

This is not to say that the burger is the only culinary trend that’s in trouble.

In recent years, burgers have been under pressure from a variety of reasons, from the rise of processed meats to the increase in health and environmental concerns.

But even as burgers have gotten increasingly processed, the idea of eating a burger remains a common one.

As the burger goes through a burger renaissance, the American palate is being reacquainted with the simple, simple, tasty burger.

And with this resurgence, a number of the traditional hamburger recipes that once made up the American diet are now being revisited.

Here are six popular burgers from around the world.