By the time she finished, the couple had bought two $150-a-month haircuts and were spending $2,500 a month on groceries.

In addition to that, they bought $1,600 worth of vitamins and supplements, including one of the highest-selling brands of vitamin pills in the country, the Prudential Health® Ultra Strength®.

It was the kind of stuff they needed, they said, adding that the pills are made with the kind and amount of vitamins that people need.

“It’s been really fun,” said Domingo, a 25-year-old marketing major.

“We’re making a ton of money and getting a ton out of it.

We don’t have to work as hard.

We can enjoy it more.”

At the end of the year, they also planned to purchase another home, but Domingos and his wife are also looking at a move in another city.

And that, he said, was the hardest part.

“We’re looking for a place that will give us some stability,” he said.

When you are working full-time at your job, you have no family, Domingoes added.

“And we’re doing everything by ourselves.”

This year, their main focus is on getting out of debt, and they are now saving up enough money to buy a house.

They plan to start the process of getting a mortgage, but are still waiting for the bank to approve their application.

At this point, Domenico and Mariana are working on paying off their debt.

But for now, they’re staying focused on their health.

The two men are planning to keep working for as long as they can.

“When we are young, it’s so easy to be a student,” Domenito said.

“But I’m starting to see how hard it is to keep the same job and still be able to work.”

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