By By Linda HolmesRead moreSimply makes some sense: the $39.99-a-month service offers all the basic functions, including a camera, microphone, and speaker.

But the service can also include apps, apps that add more functions, or add third-party features, such as a camera.

The service also offers a “supercharged” version of Simply, which is the same as the $49.99 version, but comes with additional features and content.

For example, you can add a camera to Simply for $3.99.

Or, you could buy an external microphone, which adds $19.99 to your total.

The “Supercharged” service offers more of the same functionality and is free.

Simply also offers other “super-charged” services, which are more expensive and are only available on certain platforms.

The $4.99 “Nova” service, for example, is designed to make life easier for those who are new to Simple and want to get more advanced features and functionality without the added cost of a separate service.

The full $49 service is $20 a month.

For the most part, these services are geared toward those who want to use a smartphone or tablet to watch TV and video while still keeping their hands free.

But if you’re just looking to enjoy a simple, inexpensive video streaming service, the $29.99 service from Simply makes sense.

It offers all of the basics, including access to over a million channels, including ESPN, the BBC, and Netflix, and it offers all those extra features as well.

Plus, if you subscribe to Netflix, the service offers additional Netflix content.

Read moreIf you’re a TV watcher who enjoys using your phone or tablet, Simply can also make life a little easier by including a microphone.

It’s a little like adding a stereo microphone to a stereo speaker system.

In fact, if the Simply app is installed on your phone, it can add microphones for $5.99 per month, or $24.99 for a two-month subscription.

The microphone is included in the $9.99 Plus subscription, which comes with a 2-month phone line.

The service is available in English, Spanish, and Italian.

If you’re looking for more information on how to subscribe to the service, simply visit the Simply website.