By Caroline Copley, Newsweek contributorIt’s not a bad thing to be able to order sushi on a plane.

But when it comes to ordering sushi at home, you need to find a restaurant that carries your favorite Japanese-style sushi.

That’s why the Food Network series Nourish is so popular among chefs and sushi aficionados.

“Nourishes sushi so you’ll be able’t wait to try it again,” says Nourishment chef John Lee, a longtime fan of the show.

Lee’s sushi restaurant, Nourishing Noodle, is on a corner of Manhattan’s Lower East Side called Nourished Noodle (Nelly) with an old sign that reads “We’re not sushi.”

Lee and his chef husband, Paul, opened Nourishes Noodle in 2011 to serve a Japanese-inspired menu of nigiri and sushi rolls.

“We have a sushi chef who knows how to make nigiri,” Lee says.

“I think he’s going to be a huge help.”

The couple also opened Noh-Kyu (Noodle) in 2014 to serve traditional Japanese food, but it’s not quite as popular as Nourishers.

The restaurant is on the Upper East Side of Manhattan with a Japanese theme and the restaurant’s sign says “Sushi.”

Noh Kyu is a restaurant in Tokyo that is popular with the city’s sushi lovers, which includes Lee, but Noh Kyu isn’t as popular among New Yorkers.

“Soyuzu is the name of the restaurant in New York City, and they’re doing it really well,” Lee said.

“They’re trying to get it to New York as quickly as possible.”

“It’s a good time to be Japanese-American,” Lee adds.

“It allows us to show people that Japanese food can be a big deal, and that sushi can be healthy and delicious.”

Lee says he hopes Noh kyu will become a regular place for sushi lovers in New Yorkers’ backyards, where there are a lot of Japanese restaurants and Japanese-themed food.

Lee says the Noh sushi is a great example of Japanese cuisine at its best.

“Japanese cuisine can be really good at its finest when it’s served in an authentic way, with great ingredients and great flavor,” Lee told Newsweek.

“And sushi is one of those foods that’s a perfect combination of that.”

Nourisher’s sushi menu includes nigiri, a traditional Japanese fish that’s often served as an appetizer or served as a side dish.

Noh and Kyu’s menus also feature sushi rolls and other traditional Japanese dishes, such as nigiri with pork, chicken, shrimp, squid, and other fish, or a traditional sushi-flavored nigiri roll with salmon and avocado.

The Noh/Kyu restaurant is open Tuesday through Sunday from 7 a.m. to midnight, and Noh will also serve a limited menu of sushi at the same time.

“This is one restaurant that’s really catering to sushi lovers who want to experience Japanese food,” Lee explained.

“But it’s also catering to a group of sushi lovers that are really into sushi.

They really enjoy it.”

Noodle is a favorite among chefs who know how to serve sushi.

“You can have the best sushi, but you can’t go to a restaurant where you have no experience,” says Lee.

“So I think sushi restaurants are a really good place to be.”

“The idea of sushi restaurants is that they’re not just restaurants that serve sushi,” says John Lee.

“[They’re] places that bring you a Japanese meal.

So you can really enjoy that Japanese-food experience with the food you order.”

The NourISH series will be available for viewing on YouTube on October 17, 2018, and will be on Hulu in 2018.

“When we’re filming, we’re not even eating, but we’re eating every meal,” Lee explains.

“Even if it’s just a bite of sushi, it’s still sushi.

You can feel it.”